Health and Wellness Program


About This Program

Why is it important?

Nearly 60% of Langley Park residents are without health insurance (compare to 11% in Maryland, 15% in U.S.). Many residents have informal employment that does not extend health benefits and most of the uninsured are immigrant adults who do not qualify for the public health insurance extended to other native-born low income people. LPPN families with children have significantly lower median incomes than similar families within the State of Maryland, Many children in Langley Park grow up with only one parent, and sometimes with none at all. Further, there are no pediatricians, medical specialists, or psychiatrists located in the zip code. As a result, transportation is an obstacle for Langley Park families needing to reach Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) located outside of the community. As a consequence of these limited local health care options, only 12% of children in Langley Park saw a health provider in 2012. Many children are eligible for the Affordable Care Act, but the challenge is getting families signed up and educating parents on what regular preventative and primary care for children includes. To change this reality, residents will need affordable primary health care services located in Langley Park, and more information about, and access to, relevant social services.

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